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Talhire is a simple online video recruiting solution for employers to screen candidates. Allows employer to eliminate traditional recruiting with Advanced technology remotely from across locations. It helps the employer to keep pace with the growing talent Requirement by closing Position in timely Manner.

Our Story

We are Yinsol, a fresh and innovative company that was established in the latter half of 2012.The idea for our company came when our executives were trying to find employees in the IT field, and were going through a myriad of difficulties in finding the right candidates, it was cutting in to our costs of finding an employee as well focusing our available time away from the duties they needed to perform. As a way of reducing the cost and time in finding a suitable employee, Yinsol was Founded.

How talhire video interviewing feature works

Create a job & add customized questions

Saves interviewer's time, instead of sitting through the hiring process, easily create a job and send it to multiple job seekers. Add questions of varying difficulty and update them timely.


Live Interview

The Talhire live interview technology seamlessly places live video interviewing into the hiring process. It engages a face to face conversation between the interviewer and candidate irrespective of their location.

One Way Interview

An alternate to the live interview, one way interview is a tool wherein only the job seeker is present and doing all the talking. Questions will be presented to the job seeker in either text or video form.

Descriptive Interview

Apart from live and one-way, Talhire also provides descriptive type interview where job seeker answers the questions in the text editor. Responses are recorded and can later be reviewed by the employer.

Assessment Interview

If the interviewer decides to test the candidate in a choice type interview like MCQs, yes/no etc, he can make use of the assessment interview feature.

Smart One Way Interview

An extraordinary feature that combines the assessment, descriptive and one way is also one of the talhire features, used based on the employer requirements.

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