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TALHIRE is a simple digital interviewing platform for employers to screen candidates. Allows employer to eliminate traditional recruiting with Advanced technology remotely from across locations. It helps the employer to keep pace with the growing talent Requirement by closing Position in timely Manner.


  • Eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce bias with structured reviewing experience.
  • Features that find the right candidates,in 80% less time.
  • Technical Assessments.
  • Easily compare candidates to make faster decisions.
  • Measure your hiring success and improve.
  • Keep all interview data in one place

Live Interview

Talhire Live Interview tool seamlessly engages a face-to-face conversation. Built with advanced customizable evaluation form to rate candidates based on their performance and allow them to update status once thevideo interviewis complete.

ONE WAY Interview

let candidates respond to job-relevant questions on their terms, without needing to synchronize schedules for a phone screen.

descriptive Interview

With Talhire Descriptive Interview we enable your recruiters to attach additional files for each question, ask any number of questions, plain text or multimedia questions, set time-limit on each question, and test window configuration.

Assessment Interview

Talhire's Online MCQ Assessment Platform is a multi-faceted tool that supports various test formats viz. aptitude test, and skill tests. It is highly configurable and supports multi-section workflow to filter candidates between multiple sections of the assessment.

Smart One Way Interview

An extraordinary feature that combines the assessment, descriptive and one way is also one of the Talhire features, used based on the employer requirements.


Let's face it, recruiters spend nearly 70% percent of their time searching for the right candidate, screening and eventually, scheduling interviews and follow-ups. Your time and resources are both precious. TalScout is best defined as a "One stop solution for your talent screening" that provides screened and curated candidates, using a Video Interviewing Platform that helps you to make the right hiring choice faster than traditional recruiting methods

  • Secure and scalable cloud platform using the best cloud services including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
  • Data privacy and security through high encryption for data storage
  • User friendly application available across multi-platforms
  • Cutting edge technology to ensure quality, speed and scale
  • Zero implementation cost
  • On-Demand integrations with existing ATS, HRMS, PMS and VMS
  • Support via chat, email and phone on all working days


Cloud based solutions

No Technology cost, infrastructure maintenance cost is nil and highly secure environment.

360o Features in Recruitment Space

Screening made easy and quick, Live interviews, real-time status tracking of requirements and candidates, addresses shortage of interview panel through a team of industry experts and helps build a strong resume database through B2C connect


Competitive Pricing

No Upfront cost. Pay per Use.

Continues New Enhancement

who will engineer on the product to add new features to suit the changing industry.

Rich Array of Features

Covers 360 of talent acquisition.

Interview AS-A-Service

Industry experts who will be made available to conduct first level interviews. And also help to speed up candidate screening and shortlisting.

Strong Support Team

24/7 strong technical team who manages companies request. A strong management team who come from talent acquisition background, who understand industry challenges.

Best Experience

Its best experience for both customers and Job seekers.

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